Vision : Faculty of Traditional Medicine (FTM) aspires to become a centre of excellence in traditional medicine education and research that produces GNH inspired graduates with appropriate knowledge and skills to meet the international standards.

Mission: The Faculty of Traditional Medicine will strive to achieve excellence in the design, development and delivery of gSo-ba Rig-pa education programmes through research and innovation, blending the rich ancient wisdom and modern science to make the programmes relevant for the current health needs of the people.

Key Aspirations:

1.1 Use GNH values and principles as educational foundation for FTM's programmes.

1.2 Provide relevant education and training in gSo-ba Rig-pa to both national and                             international students.

1.3 Create sufficient capacity to ensure self reliance in the provision of traditional                             medical services.

1.4 Enhance the quality of educational programs through increasing international                               partnerships and collaborations.

1.5 Serve as knowledge hub in traditional medicine by working closely with community                   and industry.

1.6 Contribute to opening up new paths to better future through research and inquiry.

1.7 Provide continuing medical education for enhancing the knowledge and skills.

1.8 Diversify gSo-ba Rig-pa education programme based on current health needs of the                     country.

1.9 Preserve and promote the rich culture heritage.

Core Values : 

·         Rich culture and tradition of ancient healing known as gSo-ba Rig-pa.

·          Health and well being.

·         High quality of GNH inspired education in traditional medicine.

·         Creativity and innovation.

·         Research and development.

·         Integration of traditional medicine with modern health care system.

·         Compassion and fairness.

·         Spiritual healing and practice. 

The Faculty of Traditional Medicine is one of the institutes under King Khesar University of Medical Sciences of Bhutan and is responsible for the development of human resources required for the delivery of traditional medical services in the country.The FTM programmes are recognized by the Bhutan Medical and Health Council and the Royal Civil Service Commission.